Jail Time

At the end of the war, S'renx relaxed a bit, now taking time to enjoy the little things within the Imperium. This came to a sudden halt when he was called in by the Hand's of the Emperor, Ryshias and Fidelisis. Unsure of why he was called, he met them in the Medical Bay on the Sovereign. They explained that he was being issued a warrant for arrest for suspicious activity, for poisoning the Emperor. They quickly escorted him to a prison on Quesh where he was later questioned by Xaketh and Hyperius. Explaining his situation, he gave them as much information as he could, as he was convinced he would be out soon. That was not the case.

For the next five years, S'renx sat in the jail, honing his force abiltiies as best he could in the prison cell. His mental state slowly deteriorated. He was allowed at a later time during his sentence to kill the other prisoners for his good behaviour. He did not hesitate to slaughter them, some killed slowly to practice the technical parts of the force, some killed quickly simply because he was enraged. He wasn't sure if he could last in prison for who knows how long. He had just finished killing the last of the other prisoners when Hyperius walked in alongside Senna and Emiko. Hyperius handed S'renx a datapad and told him to sign it, but to not bother reading it, explaining that he has been granted temperory freedom for his good behaviour and his upper charges might end up in his death. He questioned it for a moment but ultimately signed it and exited he prison, Emiko now watching him everywhere he went.

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