End of the war to today

After the end of the war and the return of the Emperor, Si'alla threw herself into repairing the strained relationships brought upon by the war. Reaching out to Darth Ravage and Darth Marr, she assured them that the Imperium stood strong, that they would not be easy prey, and any attempts by the Empire to poach on their territory while Sector Six was brought back to strength would not be tolerated.

Si'alla travelled quite often on Truth's Light, beginning the process to restore what had been lost during the war. Sadly, some worlds remained beyond her reach, taken by the Cartel and other enemies, but for those she could help, she devoted every resource at her disposal to make sure the Imperium knew they hadn't been forgotten, from handing out supplies to seeding farmlands and vineyards, she quickly become a well known face to the Imperium's citizens.

She maintained constant contact with the Empress, the two of them almost acting as one in the face of the devastation, and the Emperor's continued silence during his recovery. For two years Si'alla split her time with the people in the galaxy, and the Imperium citizens at home, managing the Council while still having time to address any citizen who came to her with a concern.

Additionally, she devoted time to raising her daughter, Alexa, born in secret at the start of the war and kept safe and hidden. From the start she could feel the potential in the Force the girl had, and looked forward to the day she could attend the new Academy, to join her fellow Sith and make her mark on the universe.

Leiiah also came to her, cast adrift after the Emperor released his Shadow Hands from service. Si'alla took the woman in, finishing the job Salvatus had started, tempering her from the wild, sarcastic girl from the streets into a thoughtful, powerful woman, confident in her skills and able to interact with both people, and her own feelings, in a way that did not rely on biting words and sarcasm for defense.

However, her divided attention across the Imperium came at a cost. The Coven, a group that seemed intent on dividing the Imperium between the Sith and all others, grew up almost unseen, and by the time she became aware of them, it was too late to stop their influence. With the construction of Roderick City, she turned her attention away from the galaxy, satisfied that they could stand on their own once more, and prepared to tackle this new challenge, committed to ensuring the safety of everyone, whatever the cost.

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