Where was Knight/Ambassador Q'urrim for 5 years you may ask? Allow me to share.

Year 1:

Q'urrim gets married and his wife becomes with their first child and diplomacy with the Imperium's new ally is going strong, and being a friend if Darth Erasis helps his standing with the other high ranking members of the Imperium either.

Year 2:

Q'urrim's wife has twin children, a male Zabrak and Female Human, he also begins construction of his family's old home on Balmorra after it was destroyed by the republic when the Empire first invaded. Diplomacy begins to weaken as corruption seeps through the other alliances ranks.

Year 3:

Q'urrim is confronted by his old apprentice and defeats the traitor. Construction is half way finished on the house. Diplomacy falls apart as the allied guild's emperor sends the guild into bankruptcy and factions break out.

Year 4:

Q'urrim's wife is pregnant with another child. Construction is completed on the Balmorra house. Allied guild is overtaken by Qurrim's friend Dem's faction and he starts friendly diplomatic relations with her.

Year 5:

Q'urrim's wife gives birth to a Zabrak Female. Balmorra house is furnished and livable. Diplomacy awaits Council and/or Emperor's permission to go through with alliance between Guilds.

Thank you for reading the quick memorandum of the last 5 years of Knight/Ambassador Q'urrim Midicoil

- Q'urrim's servant 2V-R8

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