After the Asavian Wars, Andrekios desperately sought to rekindle the relationship between he and his wife, Vindictiva. Sadly, the Dread Masters, which also consisted of Vindictiva, traveled to Oricon to heal from the wounds of the War. Andrekios had another problem to worry about, the decomposition of his body. Due to the scientific tests done to him when he was a boy, Andrekios' body began to deteriorate. With no known cure, Andrekios put himself through a ritual. He put his very soul and essence into a datacron and allowed his body to die. His son, Filan, used the datacron to put Andrekios' essence into a new body. Due to the immensity of Andrekios' spirit, the body sustained the same scars Andrekios' normal body had from the experiments done on him and his hair had turned white. After being put into a new body, Andrekios traveled to Umbara and relinquished his rule so that the people could decide their fate. He also decided to move his manufacturing plant to a new planet. Andrekios decided on the planet to put his manufacturing plant on and traveled to Alderaan with plans to also rebuild his family's power base. Within a few months, House Shay was reborn and a new Grand Duke rose with it. Andrekios had a statue made to honor the memory of his deceased daughter Aulaura in the center of House Shay. Andrekios began to train young Sith in the way of lightsaber combat and force techniques. The trials to complete Andrekios' training were extremely tough with only 1 in 5 students completing the training. Andrekios planned to either assimilate the Sith he trained into the Imperium or keep them at House Shay as his own security. Andrekios now waits for his wife to return, in the hopes that she will forgive him for all that he has done and will accept him back into her life.

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