After The War

After the War, R.Admiral Ada Eliasara tends to the wounded which was only a few dozen as thousands of her men and women who fought on Mos Ares gave their lives and fought till their dying breaths for the 109th even killing their own comrades do to Asavian's Treachery. She wouldn't dare talk to anyone else except for the 109th Commanders or Sefran who she has been avoiding since she felt she failed her mission.

With only a few Dozen of what remains of the 109th Ada Eliasara remained in her quarters for quite some time only being seen for a short time Period.

Year 1

With the growth of the Imperium Military being slowly rebuilt, R.Admiral Ada Eliasara slowly begins to regain herself and work to rebuild the 109th and strengthen their defenses of their Spaceships to ensure they would be ready for any attack surprising.

With the 109th in Shambles She quickly instructs Commander Quelara to count how many of the ships they had left since there was only a short few.

There would be much Rebuilding still to go through.

With the disappearance of Lieutenant Colonel Teldann still raises suspicion

Year 2

R.Admiral Ada Eliasara Begins to Make new armor for the 109th and issues a voice modulator inside the helmets to disguise their voices and ensure intimidation to the enemy.

*Aerospace Slowly Progress' Through Rebuilding

*Marines are fully ready for Combat do to being stationed at the Sovereign

*Army Division Is still without their leader

*R.Admiral Ada Eliasara Ponders about the future success of the 109th

Year 3

The Growth of the 109th has been an outstanding Success as R.Admiral Ada Eliasara quickly begins training for soldiers coming in fresh into the 109th

*Aerospace at 89% rebuilding

*Marines at 100%

*Army is at 71%

Lieutenant Colonel Teldann is still missing some reporting him to be K.I.A/M.I.A

*Second In Command Emiko remains silent and unseen

Year 4

  • The 109th Successfully regains it's foothold within it's military Strength
  • Remembrance was held as R.Admiral Ada Eliasara Gives Speech
  • Preperations begin for future movements

Year 5

With the rising tensions with something lurking in the future R.Admiral Ada Eliasara prepares for the worse, finally showing her affections towards Grand Moff Sefran who she hopes to one day be with.

The 109th Is growing With Each New Recruit joining their ranks

Ada Eliasara Looks over a young purelooded sith by the name of Had (Short Abbreviation)

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