Leading To the Jump

Around 13 years ago, Makhzor left without warning. His servants, which were bound to him, either died or went into comas. Bahr've'ahz was less fortunate. Makhzor had awakened a gift in Bahr've'ahz, allowing him to see the past and many possible futures simultaneously with the present. It had at times been overwhelming, but Makhzor had helped guide him through these times. With Makhzor's absence, Bahr've'ahz lost the ability to differentiate between the tenses. With his last shred of sanity, he fled to Rishii with the HK unit Makhzor had given him.

It was there, hiding on a rarely-visited mountain, that Bahr've'ahz lived for 11 years. He spent most of his day fighting people that weren't yet there or were there no longer and muttering his prophecies to himself, protected and sustained by his HK-51 unit.

After the Jump

Three years into the time hop, Kharia Roderick was on a mission when she felt a Force-call to Rishii. Following the call, she discovered Bahr've'ahz. After a brief duel, they shared a vision and Bahr've'ahz was jolted into reality by the realization that she was the descendant of Arestenax, whom Makhzor had befriended and served faithfully. Kharia took him to Yavin 4, where he meditated near the sleeping Emperor and learned to control his visions.

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